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Juvenile Offenders are Often Juvenile Victims Too — Rethinking Juvenile Justice

The National Juvenile Justice Network has published A House Divided No More: Common Cause for Juvenile Justice Advocates, Victim Advocates, and Communities, which details research that many juvenile offenders are also victims of crime.  The paper calls for a broader … Continue reading

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Georgetown Diversion Certificate Program

The Georgetown University Center for Juvenile Justice Reform will be accepting applications for the Diversion Certificate Program until May 30, 2014.  The goal of the program is to “bring together individuals and teams of prosecutors, law enforcement officers, probation staff and … Continue reading

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2014 Changes to I.C. 7.1 — Minors and Alcohol

Included in the criminal code reform efforts was SEA 236, which revises many statutes in I.C. 7.1.-5-7 related to minors and alcohol, all of which go into effect on July 1, 2014. I.C. 7.1-5-7-1 was amended raise the penalty for … Continue reading

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State v. I.T. — Use of Mental Health Treatment Disclosures

State v. I.T., decided on March 12, 2014, addresses the use of I.C. 31-32-2-2.5(b), which the Court calls the Juvenile Mental Health Statute.  The statute provides that, in general, “a statement communicated to an evaluator in the evaluator’s official capacity … Continue reading

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Accessibility of Juvenile Court Records Webinar

The American Bar Association is hosting a Webinar Debunking the Myths: Public Accessibility of Juvenile Delinquency Records on Monday, March 17, 2014, from 1-2:30 p.m. ET.  “This webinar addresses the common misconception that juvenile arrest and delinquency records are inaccessible … Continue reading

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Indiana needs to develop an easy way for children and adults to apply to expunge their juvenile records.  A great model comes from our neighbor to the west, Illinois.  Expunge.io is reaching out through various social media outlets.  The Expunge.io … Continue reading

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Why Don’t Kids Have Lawyers?

The Colorado Juvenile Defender Coalition has produced an amazing, short video Why Don’t Kids Have Lawyers? that is useful to those Indiana advocates who are continuing to try to get EVERY child in Indiana to have an attorney at their first … Continue reading

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Criminal Gang Activity Moving to Juvenile Court Jurisdiction?

As the 2014 legislative session nears an end, one of the hardest fought bills is HB 1006, which will change many statutes within the traffic, juvenile, and criminal code.  Of note for juvenile advocates is the proposed modification to IC … Continue reading

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The Ongoing Challenges of Juvenile Sexting

A 2008 survey, Sex and Tech: Results from a Survey of Teens and Young Adults, found that 20% of teens of 33% of young adults had sent or posted nude or semi-nude pictures of video of themselves. Sexting is defined … Continue reading

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Lessons to Consider from the Paul Gingerich Story

On February 3, 2014, the long and winding path of Paul Henry Gingerich’s criminal case came to an end, almost, with at least one review hearing yet to come.  (See the last paragraph below for a summary.).  Now is a … Continue reading

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