Friday Wrap-up

Another Friday comes around, so here are some tidbits that have crossed my desk recently:

The Washington Judicial Colloquies Project was a project of Team Child and Models for Change that gives guidance on using developmentally-appropriate language in the courtroom.

Check out another tool from the National Juvenile Justice Network on adolescent brain development: Using Adolescent Brain Research to Inform Policy: a Guide for Juvenile Justice Advocates.

Many lawyers in juvenile justice struggle with burnout, compassion fatigue, or vicarious trauma (whatever you choose to call it) after years in the trenches.  Practical Pain Management for Lawyers Exposed to Vicarious Trauma provides a good overview of the issue and some tools to use.

Advances in Juvenile Justice Reform documents advances and reforms in juvenile justice across the country between 2009 and 2011.

Juvenile-in-Justice is a website, blog, book, and traveling art exhibit featuring pictures of children in detention.  The only Indiana facility featured so far is in South Bend.  The art exhibit is scheduled to be at the Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis from February 28-April 17, 2014.

Hope you have a peaceful, restful weekend.

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