Juvenile Delinquency Attorney Specialist Certification

Indiana does not currently have a juvenile delinquency attorney specialist certification, but it should.  Currently, Indiana recognizes only a few areas of law practice specialization administered by the Indiana Commission for Continuing Legal Education including: Business Bankruptcy, Consumer Bankruptcy, Creditor’s Rights, Civil Trial Advocacy, Criminal Trial Advocacy, Elder Law, Family Law (does not include juvenile delinquency), and Estate Planning and Administration.  North Carolina recently joined a few other states, including Texas and California, in offering specialty certification in juvenile delinquency law.

One of the stated benefits of offering specialization certification is an improved competency.  The process of certification can be rigorous, which adds to the legal prowess of the attorneys seeking certification.  For the current specializations in Indiana, the certifying organizations require proof of substantial involvement in the area of practice, including specific types of activities, such as trials or appeals, as well as an examination and a specified quantity of pertinent continuing legal education credits.

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    I value the details on your web site. Thanks a bunch!

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