Special Issue On The Teenage Brain

Neuroscience research is shaping juvenile case law, particularly including and following the decision in Graham v. Florida, 560 U.S. ___, 130 S.Ct. 2011, 176 L.Ed.2d 825 (2010).  To begin the exploration of the latest publications, look at Current Issues in Psychological Science, Special Issue on the Teenage Brain (April 2013), including the following:

Randall W. Engle, Introduction to Special Issue on the Teenage Brain.

B.J. Casey, The Teenage Brain:  An Overview

B.J. Casey and Kristina Caudle, The Teenage Brain:  Self Control

Adriana Galvan, The Teenage Brain: Sensitivity to Rewards

Beatriz Luna, David J. Paulsen, Aarthi Padmanabhan, and Charles Geier, The Teenage Brain:  Cognitive Control and Motivation

Nico U.F. Dosenbach, Steven E. Petersen, and Bradley L. Schlaggar, The Teenage Brain:  Functional Connectivity

Anna C.K. Van Duijvenvoorde and Eveline A. Crone, The Teenage Brain:  A Neuroeconomic Approach to Adolescent Decision Making

Dustin Albert, Jason Chein, and Laurence Steinberg, The Teenage Brain:  Peer Influences on Adolescent Decision Making

Leah H. Somerville, The Teenage Brain:  Sensitivity to Social Evaluation

Kayla De Lorme, Margaret R. Bell, and Cheryl L. Sisk, The Teenage Brain:  Social Reorientation and the Adolescent Brain — The Role of Gonadal Hormones in the Male Syrian Hamster

Jiska S. Peper and Ronald E. Dahl, The Teenage Brain:  Surging Hormones — Brain-Behavior Interactions During Puberty

Russell D. Romeo, The Teenage Brain:  The Stress Response and the Adolescent Brain

Siobhan S. Pattwell, B.J. Casey, and Francis S. Lee, The Teenage Brain:  Altered Fear in Humans and Mice

Linda Spear, The Teenage Brain:  Adolescents and Alcohol

Richard J. Bonnie and Elizabeth S. Scott, The Teenage Brain:  Adolescent Brain Research and the Law.

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