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Unintended Consequences of Blended Sentencing Laws?

When the blended sentencing law HEA 1108 was enacted (see IC 35-50-2-17 and IC 31-30-4-1), it was hailed as “a positive step forward”. If sentenced under the new laws, the child would be sentenced as an adult, but placed at … Continue reading

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Expedited Appeals

Juvenile delinquency appeals should be added to expedited appeals listed in Indiana Appellate Procedure Rule 21.  Currently, every type of case involving children — child custody, child support, visitation, adoption, paternity, CHINS, and termination of parental rights — is entitled … Continue reading

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Hello 100 Posts and 3,200 Views!

Just a quick moment to recognize 100 posts to the blog, with 3,200 views and 121 routine followers since March 17, 2013. Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement. On to the next 100…

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JTIP: Coming to a Defender Training Near You!

The inaugural class of JTIP trainers were certified by the National Juvenile Defender Center this past week in Chicago.  Approximately thirty states were represented, and the remaining states will have representatives trained and certified in the coming year. JTIP is … Continue reading

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Juvenile Justice Organizations

There are many organizations that attorneys can join or monitor to keep up with juvenile justice developments and contribute to the development of new initiatives. Many will post links to conference materials and research that can prove useful. A partial … Continue reading

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Why Parents Generally Should Not Be in the Attorney Meetings

Parents are used to being in most meetings that involve their children — such as with teachers and doctors.  It can come as a shock when they are asked to wait in the hallway while the child meets with his … Continue reading

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Title I, Part D — Education Money for Delinquents

What the heck is Title I, Part D, Subpart 1, money?  Clearly, it has to be a government program to have a name such as this.  Most have heard of No Child Left Behind, and this money is part of … Continue reading

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