Papers and Seminars — July 19, 2013

A recently released paper, Juvenile Incarceration, Human Capital, and Future Crime:  Evidence from Randomly-Assigned Judges by Anna Aizer and Joseph J. Doyle, Jr., argues that locking up juveniles may lead to more crime and be counterproductive to the rehabilitative goal.  See also this Chicago Tribune article.

Say What? Translating Courtroom Colloquies for Youth by Rosa Peralta from the National Legal Aid and Defender Association discusses the importance of youth understanding what is happening in the courtroom.

Perps or Pupils? Safety Policy Creates Prison-like New York City Schools discusses the ongoing trend to put police officers in the schools and the impact on students.

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is holding the first National Criminal Defense Forum on Forensic Mental Health and the Law, September 19-20, 2013, in Denver, Colorado.  Registration information is here.

Have a relaxing and cool weekend!

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