Education for Foster Kids and Out-of Home JD’s

Too often when children are removed from the home, they fall behind on their schooling — tales are many of those who never recover.  The American Bar Association Center for Foster Care and Education provides information for advocates concerning state and national resources to assist foster kids and children placed out of the home in juvenile delinquency cases stay connected to their educational goals.

There is also a National Working Group on Foster Care and Education comprised of twelve organizations who collaborate on educational stability and achievement for youth in care.  Their website includes a Tools and Resources Brochure and a Fact Sheet: Educational Outcomes for Children and Youth in Foster and Out-of-Home Care.

The Blueprint for Change: Education Success for Children in Foster Care, published by the Legal Center for Foster Care and Education, provides eight goals for success.

In 2012, Indiana was highlighted for a promising model for improving educational outcomes, published by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute.  The model started in Marion County and was to rollout across the state, coordinated by the Indiana Department of Child Services.  Each children would participate in preliminary and ongoing screenings to determine their educational needs, an educational case plan would be created, and an educational champion would be designated to help the child succeed in school.

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