Anti-bullying School Policy Implementation

In an effort to comply with HEA 1423, school districts have begun passing anti-bullying policies that reach beyond the school doors.

The Carmel-Clay school board passed an emergency measure on August 12, 2013, that includes acts of cyberbullying and when two or more students are gathered anywhere, anytime.  The Carmel-Clay Schools were among the first to formalize a new anti-bullying policy, and may be more sensitive to the issues after garnering  national attention for an incident in 2010 involving student athletes.

In contrast, the Indiana Law Blog reported that the Valparaiso School Board was concerned about how to define “bullying”, extending the responsibilities of the school to monitor activities occurring in the community, and the requirement to discipline employees who fail to comply with the new law.  The school board also noted that the Indiana Department of Education is to formulate guidelines for the school corporations, but those guidelines were not completed before the start of the 2013-14 academic year.  The new law was effective July 1, 2013.

At this time, discussion of the anti-bullying guidelines is not on the agenda of the Commission on Education, nor the School Safety Interim Study Committee.

See also a prior post on HEA 1423.

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