First Meeting of Commission on Improving Status of Children

The agenda for the first meeting of the Indiana Commission on Improving the Status of Children has been published.  The meeting is today, August 21, 2013, at 10:00 a.m. in Conference Room C of the Indiana Government Center South in Indianapolis.

The Commission is chaired by Indiana Supreme Court Justice Rush.  Other members include (with no allowance for designees):

  1. Mary Beth Bonaventura, Department of Child Services (DCS)
  2. Rep. Rebecca Kubacki
  3. Sen. Travis Holdman
  4. Rep. Gail Riecken
  5. Sen Tim Lanane
  6. Glenda Ritz, Superintendent of Public Instruction
  7. Davis Powell, Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council
  8. Larry Landis, Indiana Public Defender Council
  9. Debra Minott, Family and Social Services Administration
  10. Kevin Moore, Division of Mental Health and Addiction
  11. Susan Lightfoot, Henry County Probation Department
  12. Brian Bailey, Indiana State Budget Agency
  13. Ryan Streeter, senior policy director for Governor Pence
  14. Attorney General Greg Zoeller

The DCS Oversight Committee will be providing an update of their independent activities also.  The Oversight Committee has met once and is still in the introductory phase. The first meeting was mainly DCS providing updates on their programs and the ongoing reorganization under Director Bonaventura.  The minutes are available here.

See also this previous post on the Commission and this previous post on the DCS Oversight Committee, as well as this Indiana Law Blog post about the Commission.

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