Interstate Compact on Juveniles

The Interstate Compact on Juveniles (“Compact”) provides guidelines for situations such as what to do if a child who is on probation or parole in State A wants to move to State B or how to handle a child who runs away and is discovered in another state.  Indiana is part of the compact and it is located at I.C. 31-37-23.

When faced with Compact issues, there is much time spent (and often gnashing of teeth) trying to figure out the obligations of the “receiving state” and the “sending state,” “requisitions” for the child, and more.   A particularly sticky question is what to do when a child is on probation in State A and the parents are moving to State B — right now.  There is no time to get the process in place, which can take 45-60 days to complete, but can the parents be restricted from moving to gain employment or other goals?  (If anyone has the answer, we are working our way through one of these right now).

A helpful resource is the Interstate Commission for Juveniles Bench Book for Judges and Court Personnelwhich augments the Compact with relevant case law.  The Interstate Commission for Juveniles website also have additional resources.

Indiana contacts for probation and parole are available here.  Some forms needed are available here (scroll to the bottom).

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