Commission on Improving Status of Children Priorities

When the Commission on Improving the Status of Children first met on August 21, 2013, part of the distributed materials included the preliminary top seven priority issues, which included:

  1. Improve child health policy and access for children
  2. Address gaps in services array for children
  3. Increase mental health services availability and accessibility
  4. Support juvenile justice reform
  5. Increase substance abuse treatment and prevention services
  6. Support staff recruitment/retention in agencies working with vulnerable children
  7. Improve communications/coordination between agencies serving crossover youth (children who are both in the CHINS and delinquency systems)

If you have opinions about these priorities and which should be tackled first, you can reach out to Commission members, including:

  • Representatives Rebecca Kubacki and Gail Riecken
  • Senators Travis Holdman and Tim Lanane
  • Glenda Ritz, the Superintendent of Public Education
  • Mary Beth Bonaventura, Director of the Department of Child Services
  • Justice Loretta Rush, Indiana Supreme Court
  • David Powell, Executive Director of the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council
  • Larry Landis, Executive Director of the Indiana Public Defenders Council
  • Debra Minott, Secretary of Family and Social Services Administration
  • Dr. William VanNess, II, State Health Commissioner
  • Mike Dempsey, Director of the Department of Correction, Division of Youth Services
  • Susan Lightfoot, Henry County Probation Department
  • Brian Bailey, State Budget Agency
  • Ryan Streeter, Governor’s Office
  • Lilia Judson, Executive Director of the Division of State Court Administration
  • Kevin Moore, Director of the Division of Mental Health and Addiction
  • Greg Zoeller, Attorney General
  • Jane Siegel and Angela Reid-Brown, Indiana Judicial Center
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