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Cyber-Threats and School

As HEA 1423 is implemented by school districts (which addresses anti-bullying policies that extend beyond school property, especially cyber-bullying), courts around the country are ruling on Free Speech challenges to such school policies.  In August 2013, the Ninth Circuit Court … Continue reading

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Commission on Improving Status of Children Priorities

When the Commission on Improving the Status of Children first met on August 21, 2013, part of the distributed materials included the preliminary top seven priority issues, which included: Improve child health policy and access for children Address gaps in … Continue reading

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Where are the Minutes from the Legislative Committee Meetings?

During the summer, several legislative committees have been meeting to discuss children’s issues, but many have not posted minutes from those meetings.  The website for all of the interim and statutory committees is here.  Examples of missing meeting minutes include: … Continue reading

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DOC Division of Youth Services Statistics

A brief snapshot of the Indiana Department of Correction, Division of Youth Services statistics can be found on the July 1, 2013, Fact Card.  Of note are a few things: The length of stay is pretty much the same for … Continue reading

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Are Schools Limiting Access to Education for JD Kids?

Why are many of our juvenile delinquents being offered less educational access than other students?  Compulsory school attendance is a cornerstone of school policy and Indiana law, and sets a minimum days and hours of educational instruction for a child. … Continue reading

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Follow-up to Update on Commission on Autism Post

Updating a previous post about the Commission on Autism, it was noted: “[d]uring a discussion with the executive director of the Autism Society of Indiana, it was revealed that there are no documented individuals with ASD incarcerated in the Indiana Department of … Continue reading

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Follow-up Federal Juvenile Inmates

Following up on an earlier post, Why are There So Few Federal Juvenile Inmates? (It is a good thing).  Thanks to a researcher at U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, we have a number.  There are 95 children … Continue reading

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