Speak Out — Drive Change

As I sat in the DCS Oversight Committee meeting on October 23, 2013, I thought about how we ended up in this moment —  folks stood up and spoke out about concerns with the DCS hotline, CHINS 6, and a myriad of DCS policies, procedures, and initiatives.

The lesson for all of us is to speak out about the juvenile court system if change is going to happen.  Each of us involved in the system has a unique perspective.  If you see something that isn’t right or that you do not understand, speak.  If you have ideas for improvements, speak.  If a child is in danger, call the DCS hotline and speak.

Too often, we put it off for another day or hope someone else will take the lead.  That leads to missed opportunities for change.  Don’t wait.  Speak out — drive change.

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