Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative — Additional Resources

As the Indiana Law Blog noted, some additional Indiana counties are applying to participate as Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) expansion sites.  JDAI is a project of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and has been successful in reducing the amount of children who are removed from the community as the result of delinquent acts.  Rather, the focus is on supplying rehabilitative services in the community where the child has ties to family members, schools, counselors, and other resources.  For more information, see a basic overview, the core strategies, results, sites and contacts, and newsletters and publications.

In Indiana, the overall plan is to make JDAI available to all 92 counties, whether there is a detention center in the county or not.  As noted in this overview of the implementation model, the project will be funded through the state’s budget, with $6 million allotted to the Indiana Judicial Center and the Indiana Department of Correction.  In addition, the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute has sought funds through the U.S. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and the Drug and Crime Control Division’s Justice Assistance Grant program.

The Youth Law Team of Indiana, Inc. is the JDAI Statewide Coordinator, and useful information, including newsletters, is available on their website.

See also this prior post on JDAI.

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