Communicating with Children with Language Impairment

Some children are able to hide language difficulties, often to the child’s detriment in juvenile court.  These articles give an overview of the issues and some tips for working with these kids:

Language Barriers: How to Communicate with Kids Who Have a Language Barrier, Gwyneth C. Rost and Paige Buckley, J. Sch. Safety (2013), is a brief article for professionals to learn to detect language impairments and how to communicate with children with a language impairment.

Breakdown in the Language Zone:  The Prevalence of Language Impairments Among Juvenile and Adult Offenders and Why It Matters, Michelle M. LaVigne and Gregory J. Van Rybroek.

Speech, language and Communication Difficulties: Young People in Trouble with the Law further discusses the issue.  This article also has a reference section at the end with other readings to explore.

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