The Impacts of Stop and Frisk

As the controversy over Stop and Frisk policies continues, a study, Coming of Age with Stop and Frisk: Experiences, Self-Perceptions, and Public Safety Implications, by Jennifer Fratello, Andres F. Rengifo, and Jennifer Trone, explores the impact on self-perception and public safety.  For those youth who are stopped, their trust in law enforcement is “alarmingly low.”  Those who are stopped often are less likely to report crimes, including when they are a victim.  71 percent of the surveyed youth reported being frisked at least once, and 64 percent said that they were searched.  45 percent of those surveyed reported that an officer threatened them during the encounter, and 46 percent experienced physical force from the law enforcement officer.   One out of four stated that an officer displayed a weapon during the stop.

See a video overview of the results here.  A summary report, fact sheet, and technical report are available here.

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