Parents And Their Childhood Trauma’s Impact in CHINS Cases

The Fall 2013 issue of Rise magazine has several articles about parents who suffered trauma during their childhood and how that can impact their ability to parent children who are thrust into the juvenile court system.  Rise is written by and for parents involved in the CHINS system.

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services has been collecting data from trauma assessments of parents.  One finding showed that parents who experienced childhood trauma were reluctant to engage is reunification services and were more likely to have their children removed again.  The Heart of the Problem: Child Welfare Systems are Beginning to Recognize — and treat — Parents’ Trauma by  Piazadora Footman and Lynne Miller.

Other articles include child-parent therapy to help parents understand childhood development and how to react to the child’s needs appropriately, the challenges when a parent has used marijuana to dull the senses for years and now must face the world without it, and the pros and cons of revealing past trauma to the juvenile court, plus more.

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network has extensive resources about childhood trauma and treatment options.

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