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Brady Violations — A Danger of Juvenile Court Informality

There is a danger of so-called “Brady violations” when the juvenile case is treated informally and/or the child does not have an attorney who understands the applicable juvenile court rules and laws.  The term “Brady violation” refers to the ruling … Continue reading

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The Five Promises

The Five Promises are fundamental resources that children need to succeed advocated by America’s Promise Alliance (“APA”), which was founded by General Colin Powell.  According to APA, children who receive at least four of the Five Promises are more likely to succeed … Continue reading

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Affluenza — Revealing Economic Status and Upbringing

A reader asked for some thoughts on a recent case in Texas that has drawn national attention when the defense counsel used the child’s wealthy upbringing, combined with a history of substance abuse, poor parenting, and prior delinquent behavior, to … Continue reading

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Need Some Inspiration for Changes to the Delinquency System?

Sometimes one needs to step away from the comfort zone and find out what other leaders are doing around the country to make change to the delinquency system.  A good place to start  are the 2013 innovation briefs published by … Continue reading

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Increasing Role of Adolescent Brain Development Research

At the recent 8th Annual Models for Change National Working Conference, one of the panels presented on Neuroscience, Adolescent Development, and the Law: Pathway for Juvenile Justice Reform.  The panel’s presentation was summarized by Gary Gately in Experts: Brain Development … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Holidays While Detained

As many of us gear up for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, it is important to remember that many, many children will be spending the holidays in the Department of Correction, detention centers, residential treatment facilities, and emergency shelters.  In … Continue reading

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Models for Change Center on Crossover/Duel Status Youth

As the new Commission on Improving the Status of Children task force on crossover youth begins, there is much work that has been done on the national stage that can be a reference.  (See this prior post).  Models for Change has … Continue reading

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