Models for Change Center on Crossover/Duel Status Youth

As the new Commission on Improving the Status of Children task force on crossover youth begins, there is much work that has been done on the national stage that can be a reference.  (See this prior post).  Models for Change has named the Robert F. Kennedy National Resource Center for Juvenile Justice as the resource center concerning dual status or crossover youth.

Crossover youth are those children who are involved in both the juvenile delinquency and the CHINS system.  An often-cited statistic is that maltreated children were younger at the time of their first arrest, committed twice as many offenses, and were arrested more frequently than other children, from An Update on the “Cycle of Violence.”

Newer resources for system reform include: Guidebook for Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare System Coordination and Integration:  A Framework for Improved Outcomes, 3rd Edition; and Dual Status Youth — Technical Assistance Workbook, which are both both Janet K. Wiig, John A. Tuell, and Jessica K. Heldman.  A roadmap of how a Midwest county has already begun the reform is Outagamie County, Wisconsin, and their information is laid out in the Multi-System Reform Initiative for Dual Status Youth Site Map.

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