Need Some Inspiration for Changes to the Delinquency System?

Sometimes one needs to step away from the comfort zone and find out what other leaders are doing around the country to make change to the delinquency system.  A good place to start  are the 2013 innovation briefs published by Models for Change.  Written by national and regional juvenile advocacy agencies, researchers, and stakeholders, the innovation briefs cover a broad range of topics, including, in part:

  • Truancy and other school-related challenges
  • Collateral consequences of juvenile adjudications
  • Early appointment of counsel
  • Health care coverage for children in the system
  • Data collection and usage to develop evidence-based practices and policy reform
  • Judicial colloquies
  • Detention standards
  • Post-disposition advocacy
  • Anti-shackling

For advocates in Indiana, as the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) rolls out across the state, one innovation brief, Olge County’s Juvenile Justice Council, details how a rural Illinois community built a coalition of county law enforcement, school districts, the judiciary, prosecutor’s office, probation department, and others to provide alternatives to prosecution and confinement.  One key indicator of success has been a decrease of formal cases by over a third between 2007 and 2012.  To publicize the activities and success of the counsel, there is routine use of the media, an annual forum, a website, and speaking engagements, which has lead to a more knowledgeable community about the process as new changes are introduced.

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