The Five Promises

The Five Promises are fundamental resources that children need to succeed advocated by America’s Promise Alliance (“APA”), which was founded by General Colin Powell.  According to APA, children who receive at least four of the Five Promises are more likely to succeed academically, socially, and civically.  The Five Promises are:

  1. Caring adults — These adults may be family members or community members, such as teachers, mentors, coaches, and neighbors.
  2. Safe places — All children need to be physically and emotionally safe wherever they are in the community, and these safe places should offer constructive use of the child’s time.
  3. A healthy start — The goal is for all children to have healthy bodies, minds, and habits from routine health care and treatment, good nutrition and exercise, health education, and healthy role models.
  4. Effective education — All children need and deserve intellectual development, motivation, and marketable skills that prepare and equip the child for successful work and lifelong learning.  These result from having quality learning environments, challenging expectations, and consistent guidance and mentoring.
  5. Opportunities to help others — All youth need the opportunity to make a difference to their family, school, community, nation, and world through models of caring behavior, awareness of the needs of others, a sense of personal responsibility to contribute to the larger society, and opportunities for volunteering, leadership, and service.

For an example of how a rural county has begun implementing the Five Promises initiative, see the executive summary from Henderson County, North Carolina (pop. 108,448).

APA has begun designating “Promise Places” throughout the country that provide all Five Promises to youth.  Indiana has ten such Promise Places.

The Grad Nation initiative has the goal of achieving a 90 percent graduation rate by 2020, with summits and materials available to assist with the goal

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