IDOC Division of Youth Services Continues to Pilot New Programs

The Indiana Department of Correction (DOC), Division of Youth Services continues to implement new programs that may provide true opportunities for growth and rehabilitation for the detained children.  In November 2013, the Joint Understanding and Cooperation Program (JUCP) was piloted at the Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility.  JUCP was a unique three-day collaborative training with both staff and students participating.  According to a November 15, 2013, DOC newsletter, the goal was to “improve the level of mutual respect and communication between staff and offender/student population.”

The two groups were trained separately the first two days, and then came together on the third day, according to a recent post by Lisa Martinek on the Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators blog.  During the three days, the groups went through four modules: an overview of JUCP, role models, redirecting inappropriate behavior, and reinforcing positive behavior.   Six students were trained as facilitators, including a course on presentation skills to help them learn how to conduct training sessions.  These facilitators assisted with the session on the third day, according to a September 20, 2013, DOC newsletter.

Examples of other recent innovations can be found in these prior blog posts:

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