InsideOUT Writers Program

The InsideOUT Writers operates as a non-profit in four juvenile detention centers in Los Angeles, California, and offers comprehensive re-entry programs and services, the Alumni Program.  Currently, InsideOUT Writers offers thirty-nine weekly writing classes, plus publishes a quarterly journal of student and alumni writings.  The Alumni Program focuses on recidivism and offers case management, life skills enrichment sessions, mentoring, writing programs, community engagement opportunities, and cultural events and field trips.  An overview is shown in this infographic.

As Indiana continues to explore programming at the Indiana Department of Correction and the detention centers, as well as detention alternatives, training children to use writing to share their dreams and experiences could be a useful, innovative addition to the current options.  Many of the detention centers are close in proximity to various college campuses that could be a source of professors and college students to help launch the initiative.  So many of our kids just want someone to hear and respect their voice.  This could be a way.

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