Attorney Suicides — Take Care and Reach Out For Help

Two recent articles highlighted the growing problem of attorney suicide:  Why are Lawyers Killing Themselves? by Rosa Flores and Rose Marie Arce, CNN; and Why Lawyers are Prone to Suicide by Patrick Krill, CNN.  If you are an attorney and feel that you are struggling, reach out to the Indiana Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program (JLAP) at 317-833-0370 or toll-free 866-428-5527.  Contact with JLAP is confidential.  For information on support groups, resources, and events, visit the JLAP website.  For readers in other states, wherever you are, there are similar programs.

Many of us who work in juvenile and criminal law have heard of compassion fatigue and the very real impact of hearing and reading about horrific events day in and day out.  For information about compassion fatigue:

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