No Further Elkhart 4 Comments

Because a few very passionate folks are starting to argue back and forth through the comments portion of this blog related to an earlier post on the Elkhart 4 case, I have chosen to unapprove all prior approved comments to that post and to not approve any new comments.  I recognize that many, many people have opinions about that case.  As is true of many of my posts, the Elkhart 4 post was intended to put the information out there with links so that people could see what the issues are and to make their own decisions about whether justice was served.

I had been approving all of the comments, but once some of the posters began complaining that I was not moderating the comments posted quickly enough, I decided to choose another path.  I have no interest in moderating any comments in a timely manner.  I work on this blog in my free time on my schedule.  It is my blog.  So, there will be no further comments approved, and no comments will appear.

Best of luck to all of those who oppose and support the case.

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