Tracking Progress of Students Who Attend a Homeschool

When juvenile delinquents are placed on probation, it is common that one or more probation rules relate to the child’s education — attend school, obey school rules, etc.  A particular challenge arises when the child is reported to be attending a homeschool, and the parent or other person who is to provide the educational opportunity is not abiding by the Indiana laws pertaining to homeschooling.  As more families are turning to online courses, juvenile courts may mandate that the child submit proof of attendance or progress while on probation.

The compulsory school attendance laws apply to nonaccredited, nonpublic schools, and a child must still receive 180 days of teaching, generally, when the child is between the ages of seven and eighteen.  IC 20-33-2-6.  Attendance records of students attending a homeschool must be provided to the state superintendent of education upon request.  IC 20-33-2-21.  Certainly, the juvenile court can also request such documentation.

The Indiana Department of Education provides homeschooling information, including information about the Indiana University Independent Study High School Program.

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