Happy First Anniversary!

The blog is one year old today!

On March 17, 2013, the Indiana Juvenile Justice blog was started on a whim because there was no easily accessible resource for juvenile law in Indiana.  Here we are a year later with almost 300 routine followers from around the state and the country, and thousands of views.  The blog was added to the American Bar Association blawg directory, which is amazing!

I appreciate the support and kind thoughts along the way more than you know.  A special shout-out to the early supporters:

  • Marcia Oddi from the Indiana Law Blog
  • The gang from the Indiana Public Defender Council
  • Amy Karozos from the Youth Law Team
  • Kim Tandy and Angela Chang from the Children’s Law Center
  • Joel Schumm from the McKinney School of Law
  • The National Juvenile Defender Center folks
  • and so many others

On to the next year!

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1 Response to Happy First Anniversary!

  1. Amy Karozos says:

    Congratulations Kaarin! And thank you for this great service!

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