2014 Changes to I.C. 7.1 — Minors and Alcohol

Included in the criminal code reform efforts was SEA 236, which revises many statutes in I.C. 7.1.-5-7 related to minors and alcohol, all of which go into effect on July 1, 2014.

I.C. 7.1-5-7-1 was amended raise the penalty for making a false statement or evidence of age (like a fake I.D. card) from a Class C infraction to a Class C Misdemeanor.

I.C. 7.1-5-7-7 was amended to allow the court to order a minor’s driving privileges be suspended for at least sixty days and up to one year if the minor consumed or transported alcohol on a public highway without a parent or guardian.

I.C. 7.1-5-7-8 was amended such that it is a Class B misdemeanor to knowingly or intentionally rent property or provide or arrange for the use of property for the purpose of allowing or enabling a minor to consume an alcoholic beverage on the property. This is targeted to chill any behavior by parents or other adults to allow minors to consume alcohol at underage parties.

The penalty underI.C. 7.1-5-7-10 for being a minor in a tavern, bar, or othe public place where alcoholic beverages are sold was changed from a Class C misdemeanor to a Class C infraction.

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