New PREA Resources

The National PREA Resource Center has released documents that will be used by auditors to ensure that juvenile facilities are complying with the Prison Rape Elimination Act.  The documents include: (1) a pre-audit questionnaire, (2) the auditor compliance tool, (3) instructions for PREA audit tour, (4) interview protocols for the agency head or designee, superintendent or designee, PREA compliance manager or coordinator, specialized staff, random staff, and residents, (5) an template for the auditor summary report, (6) a process map that describes the audit process, and (7) a checklist of documentation to be used in the audit.

To help educate children to report sexual abuse in custody, there is a series of graphic novels (comic books), END SILENCE: Youth Speaking Up about Sexual Abuse in Custody aimed at children of various ages and minority youth, as well as a facilitator’s guide.  The five graphic novels and guide are available here.

The American University, Washington College of Law also offers at 24-hour training, Responding to Sexual Abuse of Youth in Custody: Responding to the Needs of Boys, Girls and Gender Non-Conforming Youthas part of End the Silence: The Project on Addressing Prison Rape.  For additional information on the training, email endsilence[at]wcl[dot]american[dot]edu.

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