Victim’s Advocates in the Courtroom — SEA 138

I.C. 34-60-1-4 will be added on July 1, 2014, to allow victim advocates to attend a civil proceeding (which presumably includes CHINS/TPR and juvenile delinquency proceedings), sit with the victim, and confer with the victim if necessary.

I.C. 34-60-1-1 describes a “victim” as:

  1. an individual against whom an act of: (A) domestic violence or family violence; (B) dating violence; (C) sexual assault; (D) human and sexual trafficking; or (E) stalking is committed; or
  2. an individual: (A) who is not accused of committing the acts listed above and (B) who: (i) is a member of the family of the victim; and (ii) is not a family member who is accused of the acts described above.

I.C. 34-60-1-2 defines a “victim advocate” as an individual employed or appointed by or who volunteers for a victim service provider.  But, it does not include a law enforcement officer, an employee or agent of a law enforcement officer, a prosecuting attorney, or an employee or agent of a prosecuting attorney’s office.  A “victim advocate” may include an employee, an appointee, or a volunteer of a victim service provider, a domestic violence program, a sexual assault program, a rape crisis center, a battered women’s shelter, a transitional housing program for victim’s of domestic violence, or a program that has a primary purpose of providing services to a “victim.”

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