NACDL Champion Magazine Focuses on Juveniles

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) devoted the March 2014 issue of The Champion magazine to juvenile justice issues.  The articles can now be accessed without a membership  here, and include:

  • Skilled Advocates Fighting for Children by Maureen Pacheco
  • Youth Matters: Roper Graham, J.D.B., Miller, and the New Juvenile Jurisprudence by Shobha L. Mahadev
  • Defending Juvenile Confessions after J.D.B. v. North Carolina by Joshua A. Tepfer
  • History Corrected – The Scottsboro Boys are Officially Innocent by John Edmond Mays and Richard S. Jaffe
  • Resentencing Juveniles Convicted of Homicide Post-Miller by Stephen K. Harper
  • Interviewing a Child Client by Randee J. Waldman
  • New Partners and New Opportunities in The Defense of Children Facing Life Without Parole by John Hardenbergh

NACDL also has a juvenile justice section, which includes webinars and resources.


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