Resources from the Annual Models for Change Conference

There are a wealth of resources for juvenile justice professionals available through the 8th Annual Models for Change National Working Conference app in the Resource section, all of which is available here.    Each topic includes links to a number of resources:

  1. Innovation Briefs
  2. Community Based Alternatives
  3. Detention
  4. Diversion
  5. DMC/Racial-Ethnic Fairness
  6. Evidence-Based Practices
  7. Family Engagement
  8. Juvenile Indigent Defense
  9. Mental Health
  10. Models for Change
  11. Multi-System Collaboration
  12. Probation
  13. Research
  14. Right-Sizing Jurisdiction
  15. Risk Assessment
  16. Status Offenders

As an aside, it should be noted that Indiana is surrounded by states that are participating in significant ways with Models for Change.  Illinois is a Models for Change Core State — the designation for a state that was chosen for “their leadership and commitment to change, geographic diversity, differing needs and opportunities, and likelihood to influence reforms in other locations.”  Ohio is a Models for Change Mental Health Action Network State.  Michigan and Kentucky have a partnership with SAMHSA for the Behavioral Health Needs of Youth in Contact with the Juvenile Justice System.  Indiana is not participating in any meaningful way, according to Models for Change information posted here.

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