MCCOY 2014 Youth Activity Directory

MCCOY (Marion County Commission on Youth) has published the 2014 Youth Activity Directory, which details numerous activities for children and their families in central Indiana.  Directories such as this would be so helpful throughout Indiana for DCS, probation officers, schools, etc.  Topics include:

  1. Family fun
  2. Family support
  3. Leadership/Volunteer
  4. Life skills
  5. Mentoring
  6. School year
  7. Special needs
  8. Special needs summer camps
  9. Summer
  10. Year round

The Activity Directory furthers MCCOY’s perspective about juveniles:

  • “Young people need access to a variety of high-quality, high interest opportunities.
  • Positive youth development is the best way to prevent negative behaviors and support achievement.
  • Each young person must be ready for working, learning, thriving, connecting, and leading.”

The post MCCOY 2014 Youth Activity Directory was first posted on the Indiana Juvenile Justice Blog.

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