Policing the Teen Brain

Lisa Thurau and her team at Strategies for Youth have been traveling around the country training law enforcement officers, including in Marion and Tippecanoe Counties in Indiana, about strategies for working with youth in a program called Policing the Teen Brain.  At the 2014 JDAI Indiana Inter-site Conference, many law enforcement officers in attendance raved about the impact of the program.

The reality is that many law enforcement academies minimally cover juvenile justice issues and how to work effectively with children.  For detailed information on law enforcement training, see If Not Now, When?:  A Survey of Juvenile Justice Training in America’s Police Academies (February 2013).

The justification for these types of law enforcement training programs is laid out in the article, The Need for Developmental Competency for Adults Working with Youth by Lisa Thurau and Jeff Bostic (2012), and the presentation Policing the Teen Brain: The Case for Training Officers in Developmental Competence, Inter-Agency Summit Annie E. Casey Foundation (April 2013).

The long-term impact of the training program is highlighted in Policing the Teen Brain by Jeff Bostic, Lisa Thurau, Mona Potter, and Stacy Drury, Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (February 2014).



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