IDOC Camp Summit Closing — Updated Closing Delayed

On August 29, 2014, the Indiana Department of Correction (DOC) announced that Camp Summit Boot Camp in LaPorte, Indiana will be closing on or about October 1, 2014.  This is the only para-military style boot camp in Indiana.  The remaining youth in the facility will be relocated to other DOC facilities or transitioned to community-based programs.

This is the third juvenile facility that has closed in recent years following a reduction of children housed from 1,200 youth in 2007 to just over 400 youth today.  This significant reduction is in part due to DOC utilizing new programs to improve treatment and services, and also the impact of the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative, which continues to rollout across the state.

The remaining Camp Summit employees will be offered opportunities to transfer to other facilities or apply for vacation positions within DOC.

According to multiple news outlets, including this one, the closure of Camp Summit is delayed to allow time for “all feedback to be taken into consideration…”

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