AMPED – Arts and Music Programs for Education in Detention Centers

Northwestern University Center for Civic Engagement has teamed with the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center in Chicago, Illinois to teach detained youth how to compose music.  The Arts and Music Programs for Education in Detention Centers (AMPED) includes two-hour “Saturday practice sessions” with undergraduate and graduate mentors for “young men who show interest, talent, and desire to hone the skills they learn” in weekly classes taught by Dr. Maud Hickey of the Bienen School of Music.  The youth compose music using GarageBand, and a “listening party” is held approximately every ten weeks to showcase the work of the students.  The families and friends of the detained children are invited to the listening party.  The program is funded by a $50,000 grant from the Chicago Community Trust, according to Dr. Hickey’s faculty page.

For examples of the musical works produced, go here.

With the wealth of music programs at area colleges and universities, including the world-renowned Indiana University School of Music, this program could be emulated at the various detention centers across Indiana.

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