Dangers to Children Living in Meth Lab Homes

The Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) has developed a special protocol that is instituted when children are found in homes that are also methamphetamine labs or in which caregivers are using or dealing methamphetamine.  The DCS protocol requires a minimum of a preliminary assessment within two hours of removal, a complete evaluation within twenty-four hours of removal, an initial follow-up exam within thirty days, and a long-term follow-up exam twelve months from the initial event.

See the Dangers to Children Living at Meth Labs, by the U.S. Office of Justice Programs, Office for Victims of Crime, for an overview of the  risks of chemical contamination, fire, explosion, abuse, neglect, and exposure to other hazards.

For an overview of the meth labs seized by county in 2013, see this Indiana State Police map.

See the Indiana State Department of Health for an overview of the safety issues (Methamphetamine Lab Response) and Key Methamphetamine Lab Documents and Links for resources.

See the Indiana Department of Environmental Management for information about Inspection and Cleanup of Illegal Drug Labs

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