Graphic Novels to Education Inmates About Reporting Abuse

The American University Washington College of Law, Project on Addressing Prison Rape, in partnership with Ford and Youth Justice Press, has published a number of graph novels to educate inmates, all of which are available here.

Sam Survives is the latest publication and is aimed at “male youthful inmates and discusses their exposure to sexual abuse in an adult correctional settings.”  Other graphic novels for those in adult settings include:

  • I Reported, which focuses on gender non-conforming inmates
  • Don’t Touch Me for male inmates
  • The Barter for female inmates

For juveniles in residential settings, there are:

  • Billy Speaks Out for males from ages 14-18
  • Shelia’s Dilemma for females from ages 14-18
  • Carlo’s Question for sexual minority youth
  • Mary’s Friend for females from ages 10-13
  • Charlie’s Report for males from ages 10-13

For workers in juvenile settings, there is Addressing Sexual Violence Against Youth in Custody: A Handbook for Youth Workers on How to Identify and Address Sexual Abuse in Juvenile Settings by Brenda V. Smith and Jaime M. Yarussi (May 2012).

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