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Happy Thanksgiving 2014

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for many things about this past year: That there are so many working in the juvenile justice system who truly care about the children and their families, and are working to implement system changes, such … Continue reading

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No 2014 Detention Center Inspection Reports Yet

As we near the end of November 2014, the Indiana Department of Correction has yet to post any 2014 inspection reports for the detention centers around the state.  The 2013 inspection report are available here.

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U.N. Convention on the Rights of Children — Time for the U.S.

Twenty-five years ago, on November 20, 1989, the United Nations adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child.  To date, the only two nations that have not signed and ratified the document are Somalia and the United States. The Convention … Continue reading

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Mass General Juvenile Justice Neuroscience Program

The Massachusetts General Hospital, Center for Law, Brain, and Behavior, has a number of programs, including one focused on juvenile justice.  “The long-range goals of the juvenile justice program are to promote neuroscientific research that may elucidate the adolescent brain, … Continue reading

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Parents Helping Parents in the System

So often, once a child is put into the juvenile system — whether as a CHINS or a juvenile delinquent — the parents are swept to the side as others make decisions about what is best for the child and … Continue reading

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NACDL Report on Discovery Violations

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) released a report based on a study of discovery violations, “Material Indifference: How Courts are Impeding Fair Disclosure in Criminal Cases,” which was “produced jointly with the VERITAS Initiative at Santa Clara … Continue reading

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Welcoming the 500th Follower!

Today, we crossed a threshold as our 500th follower joined our little group.  I am grateful for each of you, and know that the count is artificially low, as it does not include those who read the blog on LinkedIn, Google+, … Continue reading

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