Giving Parents a Voice in CHINS and TPR Cases

Giving Parents a Voice: The Legal Representation of Parents in Child Welfare Cases, a video by the Supreme Court of Mississippi, features interviews of experts filmed during the 2013 American Bar Association (ABA) Parent Attorney Conference.  The majority of the film is relevant to advocates from any state who want to better understand the challenges for the parents who find themselves in the CHINS and termination of parental rights system.

In Indiana, many parents go unrepresented by attorneys during the CHINS case, although the juvenile court may appoint counsel to represent a parent.  I.C. 31-32-4-1(3) and I.C. 31-32-4-3(b).  The parent must be appointed counsel when a termination of parental rights case is filed, unless the parent has waived the right to counsel.  I.C. 31-32-4-3(a).

The 2015 ABA 4th National Parent Attorney Conference will be held July 22-23, 2015 in Washington, DC.  The 16th National Conference on Children and the Law will be held on July 24-25, 2015 at the same venue.

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