Full Cost of Juvenile Incarceration

The Justice Policy Institute published Sticker Shock: Calculating the Full Price Tag for Youth Incarceration (December 2014), which “provides estimates of the overall costs resulting from the negative outcomes associated with incarceration” of juveniles.  Besides the actual cost of incarceration, the paper also explores the societal costs of reoffending and recidivism and the impact of incarceration on education, employment, wages, and victimization of youth.  For the executive summary and factsheets, go here.

In Indiana in fiscal year 2012-13 (the latest published data), the total operating expenses for the four juvenile Department of Correction facilities was $40,309,247 with an average daily population of 521 juveniles and a total per diem was $238.57.

For additional information about the collateral consequences of juvenile adjudications, the American Bar Association maintains a website, including a section on Indiana, which is available here.

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