SB 243 (2015) — Prohibiting Racial Profiling

Senate Bill 243 (2015), if passed, would require that the Indiana Attorney General report every two years to the Indiana General Assembly concerning any complaints alleging racial profiling, including any results of an investigation.

The bill would specifically prohibit racial profiling, which is defined as: “(1) detention; (2) official restraint; or (3) other disparate treatment; of an individual solely on the basis of the racial or ethnic statute of the individual….[R]ace or ethnicity may not be the sole factor in: (1) determining the existence of probable cause to take into custody or to arrest an individual; or (2) constituting a particularized suspicion that an offense has been or is being committed in order to justify the detention of an individual or the investigatory stop of a motor vehicle.”

The law enforcement agencies who would be impacted by this bill include:

  1. A city or town police department,
  2. A town marshall system,
  3. A sheriff’s department,
  4. The State Police Department,
  5. The law enforcement division of the Department of Natural Resources,
  6. The excise police division of the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission,
  7. A state university police department, and
  8. A school resource officer.
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