For Everything There is a Season

I launched this blog almost two years ago and today will be my final post. Sometime in March 2015, I am scheduled to be appointed juvenile court magistrate in Wayne Superior Court No. 3. Blogging cannot be part of that new role. So, this blog will be disabled in a few days and fade from view.

I do not walk away from this easily, as I have enjoyed blogging immensely. I am humbled by all of the people who have followed the blog and shared kind words or provocative thoughts. Hopefully, someone else will pick up the mantle and continue to share what is happening with juvenile justice issues here in Indiana and nationally.

My parting thought is this: please remember that all of us have a duty to help those who cannot help themselves.

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7 Responses to For Everything There is a Season

  1. Jodie English says:

    Kaarin, your wisdom and compassion will be missed! But there is plenty of room for those gifts on the bench. Jodie English

  2. Jennifer says:

    Your blog was a valuable resource and will be greatly missed. But congratulations and best wishes in your new role!

  3. Susan Lockwood says:

    I will miss this blog!!! Thank you so much!!

  4. Clifford Lueck says:

    Kaarin – you make us all proud. The recognition with this position is well deserved after your huge effort with your education, law practice and extra ordinary work with youth. Good job! You deserve the reward . . . that likely brings more stress and work. Go, girl.
    Your uncle Cliff Lueck

  5. Bruce Andis says:

    I grieve the fact that the public defender community is losing such an effective and passionate advocate. Best wishes to you in your new position.

  6. Amy Karozos says:

    Congratulations Kaarin. You will make a hell of a great magistrate!

  7. Nicole McGrath says:

    Thank you for keeping the juvenile justice community up-to-date with case decisions, policy reports, and stories from the trenches. Like the last episode of “The Colbert Report”, imagine us all singing “We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day!—friends—-we-ll-meet-again-

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