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Reliability of Assault Victim’s Accounts

The Reliability of Assault Victims’ Immediate Accounts: Evidence from Trauma Studies by Melissa Hamilton (Stanford Law & Policy Review, forthcoming) discusses the excited utterance, present sense exception, and statements about mental and medical conditions exceptions to the hearsay rule when the … Continue reading

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Parents Helping Parents in the System

So often, once a child is put into the juvenile system — whether as a CHINS or a juvenile delinquent — the parents are swept to the side as others make decisions about what is best for the child and … Continue reading

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NACDL Report on Discovery Violations

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) released a report based on a study of discovery violations, “Material Indifference: How Courts are Impeding Fair Disclosure in Criminal Cases,” which was “produced jointly with the VERITAS Initiative at Santa Clara Law School.”

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Procedural Justice — Building a Better Experience in Court

Rather than focusing only on the outcome of a juvenile delinquency case, what if the focus was also on the perceived fairness of the process?  The theory of procedural fairness or procedural justice relies on the premise that a person … Continue reading

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