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And, we are back — almost

A great group of devoted Indiana attorneys are taking over this blog to keep all of the faithful followers updated on what is happening in juvenile law in Indiana and nationally.  Look for new posts soon!

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Happy Holidays!

Here is hoping that each of you is celebrating whichever holiday fits into your belief system, and relaxing and rejuvenating before the new year gears up.  This blogger has been taking a wee break with the first full week off of … Continue reading

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Working with Clients who Experienced Trauma

As more research comes out about the effects of trauma, those working in the juvenile and criminal courts must become more educated about how to recognize folks who may have long-term impacts from traumatic events in their lives and have … Continue reading

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300th Follower!

Thank you to “Rebecca” for being the 300th follower of the blog!  Another milestone reached.

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The New Juvenile Appointment of Counsel Rule

The Indiana Supreme Court recently added Indiana Rule of Criminal Procedure Rule 25, which details certain aspects of the right to counsel in juvenile delinquency proceedings.  All of us who have advocated for early appointment of counsel in juvenile delinquency … Continue reading

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Children of Incarcerated Parents

Over the last several months, national attention has been focused on the impact of incarcerated parents on children, and the need for a paradigm shift that incarcerated parents should be included in the children’s lives, if possible.  At the national … Continue reading

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Interviewing Children — What Are They Talking About?

Interviewing children can be challenging for a whole host of reasons, including language and competency issues, mental health challenges, cultural differences.  Children do not have the same concept of time, and may use pronouns in a different way than adults, … Continue reading

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