Early Appointment of Counsel Implementation Manual

Since this blog started, there have been posts about the need for an early appointment of counsel rule in juvenile delinquency cases, and updates on that rule-making process.  For some background, see the Early Appointment of Counsel page at the top of this site.

On January 1, 2015, Indiana Criminal Rule 25 will be implemented that specifies several times during a juvenile delinquency case when counsel must be appointed, as well as the procedure for waiver of the right to counsel, which is in addition to existing statutes and procedures.  The hope is that this new rule will result in the majority of children in Indiana having the assistance of counsel during delinquency cases.

The Children’s Law Center, Inc. in Kentucky has published the Implementation of Criminal Rule 25 Manual to give the legal background for the right to counsel in Indiana, as well as the recommended procedures for appointment and waiver of counsel.  Check it out! Implementation of Crim R 25 Manual FINAL

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