Interim Study Committee on Corrections and Criminal Code Recommendations for 2015 Legislative Session

The Interim Study Committee on Corrections and Criminal Code published the minutesfrom the October 6, 2014 meeting, which included several recommendations related to juvenile law:

  1. That legislation be filed in the next session requiring that the interrogation of juveniles by law enforcement be recorded, but not by school administrators.
  2. Funding be made available to implement the mandatory appointment of counsel in juvenile cases.
  3. The General Assembly needs to address the range of ages in juvenile waiver statutes and that the Criminal Justice Institute or the Division of Court Administration should collect data concerning the number of direct file charges of juveniles in adult court.
  4. That status offenders should not be housed in the Indiana Department of Correction

The Committee also voted in favor of a recommendation that children should not be shackled in court umless the court has found that it is necessary for a specific child, but the recommendation failed because a majority of the total number of appointed Committee members did not approve of the recommendation.

To see the proposed statutes that were discussed, go here.

This blogger would like to thank the Committee for their willingness to hear a wide range of testimony and to consider the proposed statutes related to juvenile justice.  It was inspiring.  Now the real work will begin as the legislative session begins.

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