Race and Racial Discipline Disparities in Schools

The Discipline Disparities Research to Practice Collaborative, supported by The Atlantic Philanthropies and Open Society Foundations, has published an issue brief — You Can’t Fix What You Don’t Look At: Acknowledging Race in Addressing Racial Discipline Disparities by Prudence Carter, Russell Skiba, Mariella Arredondo, and Mica Pollock (December 2014).  The researchers recommend, in part, that “[t]o be effective in truly addressing racial disparities, our conversations about race must be a part of a process in which we a) examine disaggregated data to determine where racial/ethnic differences occur, b) thoroughly discuss the contexts and interactions creating those data, c) craft interventions to erase those disparities, and d) follow through to ensure that we have truly made a difference, by monitoring the disaggregated data to evaluate the impact of our actions.”

To access all of the Discipline Disparities briefing papers, click here.

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