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Understanding the Teenage Brain

For those of us who are continuously baffled by the mysterious workings of the teenage brain, there is a new-ish reference book (January 2014):  Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain, An Inside-Out Guide to the Emerging Adolescent … Continue reading

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Increasing Role of Adolescent Brain Development Research

At the recent 8th Annual Models for Change National Working Conference, one of the panels presented on Neuroscience, Adolescent Development, and the Law: Pathway for Juvenile Justice Reform.  The panel’s presentation was summarized by Gary Gately in Experts: Brain Development … Continue reading

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Research on Poverty’s Affect on the Brain

Recent articles highlight the research on the link between poverty and brain development and function.  In summary, poor children whose parents were not very nurturing were likely to have less gray matter, which is linked to intelligence, and white matter, … Continue reading

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