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Criminal Gang Activity Moving to Juvenile Court Jurisdiction?

As the 2014 legislative session nears an end, one of the hardest fought bills is HB 1006, which will change many statutes within the traffic, juvenile, and criminal code.  Of note for juvenile advocates is the proposed modification to IC … Continue reading

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Lessons to Consider from the Paul Gingerich Story

On February 3, 2014, the long and winding path of Paul Henry Gingerich’s criminal case came to an end, almost, with at least one review hearing yet to come.  (See the last paragraph below for a summary.).  Now is a … Continue reading

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HB 1220 — Criminal Gang Activity

It is an obvious statement that gangs are damaging to communities and that criminal gang laws are needed.  But, too often, children who are not in real gangs are being swept into the criminal courts by the current definition of … Continue reading

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